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Look Younger Instantly
With Collagen Induction Therapy by Ria Maria



Perfect for Women and Men

Collagen Induction is effective on all skin types and skin of all ages. It produces dramatic results, solving a number of skin concerns such as aging, scars, cellulite and stretch marks.


Affordable Alternative

Why spend thousands on cosmetic surgery, when Collagen Induction gives you beautiful results for a fraction of the cost? All areas of the face, neck and body can be treated.


Trained Professional: Ria Maria

Trust your beauty in the hands of a specialist. Trained at the Permanent Makeup Training Academy in the UK, Ria’s glowing client reviews are a testament to her skill and passion for her work.

What is Collagen Induction?

The Future of Beauty

Collagen Induction, also known as dermal rolling or micro-needling, is a procedure that works to stimulate the skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin. This treatment effectively erases acne scars, enlarged pores, stretch marks, cellulite and other skin disfigurations, and encourages the regeneration of youthful, healthy skin. A medical-grade roller containing minute, sterile needles is used to create a controlled pattern of “micro-channels” on the skin’s surface. The procedure is not painful and causes only mild discomfort, similar to a prickling sensation. The after-effects are comparable to a light sunburn, and recovery time is short, lasting only a day or two. The needling stimulates a healing process in which the epidermis fills in the micro-channels with its own naturally-produced collagen—hence the name “Collagen Induction.”

What are the immediate benefits?

Natural-Looking Beauty

Similar in results to laser treatments, chemical peels, Botox or microdermabrasion, Collagen Induction is an excellent treatment option which offers effective relief without the costs and invasiveness of other procedures. Following Collagen Induction, the skin becomes plumper, more radiant, and youthful.

Reduced Imperfections

Collagen Induction can address issues such as enlarged pores, scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, age spots, hair loss, cellulite and lax skin. The collagen production stimulated by treatment continues for about 4-8 weeks, so you will see marked improvements over time.

Line-Free Porcelain Skin

Collagen Induction can greatly assist the skin in absorbing the benefits of anti-aging serums, creams and other formulas, as it prepares the skin for enhanced penetration of treatments. It is also an excellent follow-up to chemical peels or lasering, as it promotes regeneration and healing.

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Wrinkle Reduction

Erase The Signs Of Age

What is collagen, and why is it so important to the health and radiance of your skin? Collagen is vital to your skin’s structure, keeping it elastic and moisturized. As skin ages, the collagen framework weakens and begins to break down, causing skin to lose its tone. Over time, the use of your facial muscles in smiling, frowning, laughing, and squinting –all natural and necessary parts of expressing yourself – puts stress on the collagen in your skin, resulting in facial lines and wrinkles. Collagen creams and other topical anti-aging treatments, while they can be effective at preventing moisture loss and keeping the skin supple, can’t replenish lost collagen beneath the surface. Micro-needling effectively stimulates the creation of collagen where it is needed the most, to rebuild the collagen network that’s been lost. Unlike injectable fillers, which can cause allergic reactions, Collagen Induction stimulates the body’s own production of collagen to give you smooth and healthy-looking skin. The result is a complexion that’s radiant, rejuvenated, and completely natural.

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Scar Removal

Scars Fade into the Background

Don’t just cover up your scars anymore—free your skin, by removing scars with Collagen Induction. Collagen Induction can erase signs of damage caused by all types of scars, including those left by acne, trauma, surgery or chicken pox. When scars form, the body generates collagen and elastin in a haphazard way, resulting in raised lines, darkened areas, or “pits” and crevices in the skin. The dermal rolling technique re-surfaces the skin by creating controlled damage over the scarred area. This gives skin the opportunity to rebuild itself in a more organized fashion, smoothing away the appearance of unsightly scar tissue. The miniscule dot-like injury patterns left by the micro-needles are filled in by the production of new elastin, encouraging the tight bands of scar tissue to become more flexible and less visible. The therapy can be performed anywhere on the face or body.

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Stretchmark Reduction

Make Stretch Marks Disappear

Stretch marks are a type of scar tissue that forms when skin is stretched beyond its normal limits, often during pregnancy, weight gain, or growth spurts. Collagen Induction treatment works on stretch marks by stimulating blood flow as well as stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in the affected area. The micro-needling also encourages the replenishment of melanin, which is responsible for skin colour. The increased production of melanin in the damaged area corrects any altered pigmentation present in the scar, allowing the mark to fade away over the course of a few weeks. The procedure is more cost effective and often provides more successful results than laser therapy or stretch mark-reduction creams and can be performed as frequently as every 6 weeks.

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Cellulite Reduction

Smooth Away Cellulite

Cellulite is a type of fat which creates noticeable bulges and lumps beneath the skin of the thighs, hips or buttocks. Caused by irregularities in the collagen network surrounding the fat cells, cellulite can be notoriously hard to conquer—until now. The “puckered” appearance of cellulite can be corrected using Collagen Induction therapy to repair the distribution of collagen. By introducing the micro-channels into the affected area, collagen and elastin fibers are re-distributed in a way that supports smooth and youthful looking skin. The appearance of cellulite is greatly reduced, and the skin appears supple and more even in texture. Resurface your skin in time for swimsuit season, and effectively remove cellulite with Collagen Induction therapy.

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Hair Restoration

Stimulate Hair Re-Growth

Hair loss is a condition that can affect both men and women, and whether it is caused by age, nutrition, stress, or a medical condition, it can be traumatic and debilitating to one’s self-esteem. Micro-needling treatments have proven extremely effective in encouraging hair restoration, at a fraction of the cost of laser therapy or other potentially less-effective restoration methods. Dermal rolling works to stimulate blood flow to the affected area to enhance the skin’s natural healing abilities. The increased blood flow encourages the distribution of nutrients to the hair follicles, as well as boosting the effectiveness of creams and lotions for treating hair loss. The micro-needling treatments can help with thinning hair, balding, bald spots, receding hairlines, and alopecia.

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Tattoo Removal

Remove Tattoos effortlessly

- A rotary tattoo machine with a group of needle sharps is used to break the skin and penetrate into the dermal layers where the tattoo pigment sits.
- Once the skin is broken, a topical numbing gel is applied to dull the pain and make the procedure more tolerable.
- The technician then works the needles into the skin to “free” the ink particles from their dermal captivity.
- A solution is applied to the wound and is allowed to sit for about ten minutes. This 100% natural solution helps to draw the ink particles up to the surface of the skin, where it will later form a scab, and also prevent scarring.
- When the scab falls off, it takes the ink with it. And in a few weeks, you can go and do it again to remove even more ink.

Starting from $210.

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Tattoo Removal Edmonton

Meet Ria Maria

Your Certified Edmonton, Alberta Collagen Induction Therapist

Ria Maria

Ria Maria

Certified Collagen Induction Therapist

Hi, I’m Ria! Contact me today and we can build a package that will get you looking your best in no time.

Ria Maria was great. She exceeded all my expectations. I look better than I expected!

- Bonnie

I love how young I look. Friends told me I looked at least 5 years younger the night I walked out of Ria’s.

- Susan

Before and Afters

See Actual Collagen Induction Before and Afters

Collagen Induction Hair Growth

Collagen Induction Hair Growth

Real Hair Growth From Collagen Induction.
One Six Two

One Six Two

Facial Collagen Induction
Dough Boy

Dough Boy

Upper Lip Collagen Induction
Hair Regrowth Collagen Induction

Hair Regrowth Collagen Induction

Hair Regrowth Collagen Induction


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